Item Lock

Did you ever get your gears stolen? Did your ingame friends get their accounts hacked and leave the game forever? To combat hackers and protect your items, enjoy the Items-locking system.
1. New items are available in grocery shop : ItemLock and ItemUnlock!
Guess how much is it?
1 Gold for each!
Surprise! You can protect your gears at the least cost!
Gears can't be traded, peddled or dropped after it's locked.

If you do want to sell your gears, then you can use a ItemUnlock to unlock it. It will take 5 days.

And during the 5 days, the following window will pop up when you log in the window:

Please tick every item to make sure that you have an idea of the items to be unlocked and trial business partners.

2. Your most valuable equipment can't be traded, auctioned, peddled or exchanged for Eudemon crystals.
If more than one item is of the same value, for example, two super +12 helmets, only one can be put in the trade window. And the other one can't be traded, auctioned and peddled or exchanged for Eudemon crystals.


3. The system will grade equipments automatically. If a 200 points gear is not locked, you will get a notice asking if you wish to lock it. It can also be unlocked with a ItemUnlock.

4. How does the system grade the equipments?
Total Points= Quality + Bonus + Sockets

(1). Quality: Common Ones = 5 points, Refined Ones =10 points, Unique Ones= 30 points, Elite Ones= 80 points; Super Ones= 150 points.
(2). Bonus: +9=(3). Sockets: 100 points for every socket.

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