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Story of Revenge of the Corrupted Boss

BOSS - Avenging Alamut

Toughness, iron will and his firm faith in the Gods forged Alamut into an honorable Knight Templar. But pride, injustice, and the corruption he saw all around him made him lose his faith in humanity. Alamut turned from the Gods and devoted himself to the Demon cause, vowing to build a new order from the ashes of the old. He dwells deep within Caria Fortress, plotting vengeance against the world that has forsaken him.

1. Inferno Inquisitor

Inferno Inquisitor was Alamut's most trusted lieutenant amongst his Knights. As Alamut lost his faith in humanity, this Knight Templar followed his lord to the the Demon cause wholeheartedly. Loyalty above all else is the motto of the Knights of the Temple, and so it will be the motto of the Knights of the Inferno.

2. Countess Sutton

Dispatched by the Demon Lord to assist Alamut, Sutton is an infamous Witch, known worldwide for her incredible beauty and brutality. This vile and selfish witch bathed in the blood of the virgins and infants in an attmept at immortality. Her desires led her naturally to the Demons, and it truly was a match made in Hell.

3. Abyssal Overseer

Blood Overseer is Alamut's most dependable right hand man who is second only to Alamut in power. The Overseer appears to be a favorite of Alamut's, but in fact, he is the eyes and ears of the Demon Lord sent to make sure everything goes according to plan. Though he doesn't work well with Alamut, the Overseer is a force to reckoned with on the battlefield.