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Cronus Defense Quest: Rewarded With Rich Exp

Cronus Defense


Alfred (Cronus 305,562), the leader of the Royal Legion
Character Level 125-131

Rich experience, ExpBalls

The devils have grown in power and the Queen now feels their threat too great to ignore. To save the kingdom she has decided to enact the 'Cronus Defense'. This is a royal calling of all heroes between level 125-131, asking them to eliminate the pressing threat of devils.

  If you are level 125-131, sign up with Alfred (Cronus 305,562) to participate in the Cronus Defense. He will ask you to attack the Mad Bulls first. You need to return to him after each task he assigns. The difficulty will increase as additional tasks are completed...

  After completing the quest, Alfred will congratulate you and reward you with experience. If this quest is too difficult for you, you can quit at any time. But, if you do, you can not attempt this quest again for the remainder of the week.

Each Monday, players who have attmmpted and quit this challenge will be allowed to try again. However, you have only until Sunday of that week to complete the quest in its entirety.

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