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God's Blessing

The war against the demons has lasted for thousands of years. The human army has suffered much under the demons' relentless attacks. Then, one day, the people of Yartland found a magic scroll in the Hilus Palace ruins which can give you God's Blessing.

If you have God's blessing, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your character has a special aura when logging in.
  • Max Stamina is increased by 50%.
  • Ability to track your enemies.
  • Can curse non-blessed PKers.
  • gain 20% extra experience from killing monsters.
  • Revive at the place of death.
  • Gain 30% extra money from selling items to the shops.
  • Buy items (except gems) from the shops at 30% off.
  • Enjoy one hour's double experience during every blessed day.
  • If you are killed by non-blessed players, you'll lose no experience.
  • Enter the Offline Training Ground for free.
  • All carried Eudemons (Except dead ones) can obtain experience.

You can buy "God's Blessing" from the shopping mall. God's blessing will be with you for the next 30 days. If you buy several "God's Blessing", the blessing will last longer.

Besides God's Blessing that lasts for 30 days, there is also the Star's Blessing which lasts for 3 days and the Moon's Blessing which lasts for 7 days. Their effects are the same.

All the benefits of God's Blessing will help you level up quickly!

1. Your character has a special aura when loggin in.

2. Max Stamina is increased by 50%.

3. Track down your enemies.
With the blessing, you can know the location of non-blessed enemies.

4. Curse non-blessed PKers.
Non-blessed players will be cursed if they PK blessed players. Once the players are cursed, they can not gain any experience from killing monsters and he/she will be unable to use town portals and random portals.

5. Gain 20% extra experience from killing monsters
You will gain 20% extra experience from killing monsters. Should you also get double experience time, you will level up extremely fast! And when you are the team leader, your team members will have double experience just by joining your team. (For more details, please read: (Double experience, sharing together!)

6. Revive at the death place.
Before this, if you were killed, you had to walk a long way to reach the place where you died.

7. You can gain money by selling your items to various NPCs; and you can get 30% off when you buy items (except gems) from these NPCs.

8. 1 hour of double experience.
Extra experience and one hour of double experience each day will let you level much faster. And if you are the captain of a team, your team members will enjoy double experience too. (Link: Share Double Experience)

You can claim one hour's double experience time from the Priest Sodar (Market 249,488) during every blessed day.

9. When you are killed by a non-blessed player, you will not lose any experience.
In addition, the killer will be cursed.

10. Offline Training Ground
Offline training is a perfect offline leveling system. The system will level up your character after you exit the game, so it will save you power fees and Internet Connection fees...

The opening of the Offline Training Ground will enable you to use your game time more effectively.

When you want to exit the game, you can choose whether or not you want to enter the Offline Training Ground. For each minute you are online, you can stay in the Offline Training Ground for 10 minutes.

When you are online the next time, you can check the detailed information of your experience gained by talking to the NPC. Except for Eudemons that have already died, all your Eudemons will gain experience in the training ground.

11. All carried Eudemons will gain experience
Unless they are dead. This allows you to quickly raise the level of your pets, instead of just the two that are summoned.