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Information - Double Experience Potions

Good things should be shared with friends, so is the double experience.

If you are the captain of a team, every team member canl share the double experience gained in battle

Eager to know the function of double experience potions? Let's go!

You can buy double experience potions from the shop mall.

The effect of the double experience potion will last for an hour. During the hour, you and your eudemons will gain double experience. And this effect will not disappear if you die or be offline randomly. (But if you have been offline for 15 minutes, the effect of the potion will disappear even it's not finished.)

Have you been refused by team captains again and again and being alone? It will not happen again if you get the double experience potion. The aura of double experience and the broadcasting news will attract many players of high level to join your team. Even you are at level 10, players of level 100 would be love to join your team.

The double experience will not influenced by the distance between the captain and team members. Once the captain didn't leave the team, the effect will last.

What should be noticed is that, if one of the team member gets the double experience potion, the other team member can't share it.

But there is a tip for you: if the one with the double experience potion was promoted as captain, other team members can also share it.