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Information - Offline Training

The Training Ground of Eudemons Online is welcomed by many EO fans. If you have to leave your computer for a while, you can put your character in the Training Ground, where you can also train yourself and hatch the eggs.

But the ordinary Training Ground can't do much help when you have to leave for a longer time or be offline. And you also have to pay the bills of power and Internet connection. Where is a need, there is a creation. We have designed the offline training for you.

Offline training, as its name shows, is a training ground which saves your power, money and physical force. Once you enter the offline training ground, you can close your computer and be offline, the server will train your character for you automatically. Thus not only you, your eudemons (no matter if they are summoned) can get experience at the same time.

When you log off the game, you can choose whether to enter the offline training ground. Every one minute you are online, you can stay in the offline training ground for 10 minutes, etc.


When you are online the next time, you can check the detailed information of the experience gained by you and your eudemons. Except the eudemons that have already died, all the eudemons can gain experience in the training ground.


If you've got the "God's Blessing" (link: God's Blessing), you can use the Offline Training Ground freely. You can use Red Stones to level up yourself, buy rare eudemons and pay 2760 EPs for learning the ability of Summoning 3 Eudemons here.