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Neverland - Doom Tower

Doom Tower Fairy Garden Fishing for Fun Pandora`s Secret Never Portal


Time From May 22nd (Long-term)
Reward Floor 6: EXP worth 10 EXP Balls and 3 30-star Divine Eud Sheds +1;
Floor 5: EXP worth 8 EXP Balls;
Floor 4: EXP worth 5.5 of an EXP Ball;
Floor 3: EXP worth 4 EXP Balls;
Floor 2: EXP worth 2 EXP Balls;
Floor 1: EXP worth an EXP Ball;
Besides that, you`ll be rewarded with a certain amount of Dream Points for conquering each floor.
Note: If you have the Dream Halo, you won`t receive the 30-star Divine Eud Shards +1.
Level Requirement Level 50
Frequency Once a day
Location Neverland
Key Items Wishing Code
Never Badge
Key NPCs Rudolf(CronusCity 251,513)
Tina(Neverland 191,148)
Tiffany(Neverland 184,131)



1. Ask Rudolf (CronusCity 251,513) to teleport you into the Neverland.

Doom Tower

2. Talk to Elaine (Neverland 172,143), and know about the Doom Tower where the fiercest monsters were imprisoned.

3. Tiffany will choose a random floor of the tower for you to challenge. If you accept, you`ll be sent to that floor. Of course, you can ask Tiffany to choose another floor by paying some Dream Points (up to 3 times a day) or EPs. People with the Dream Halo are able to change the arrangement without restrictions.

4. You can challenge the Doom Tower once a day, while the reward is given based on the floor you conquered.

Doom Tower