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FAQs - Ordinary Questions

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1. Why can't I summon my Eudemon after it dies?
2. How do I increase its loyalty?
3. How do I check its loyalty?
4. What are the notices on the goods/players/Eudemons faults picking up items?
5. How do I find the lost password?
6. Can I play EO in a window that is not fullscreen?
7. Can I see the updated info in the game?
8. PK and prison related questions.
9. Combining summoned Eudemons with my character?
10. Why Don't some skills work when my XP is full?
11. I can't get the skills Flyingchop, ChainChop,and SoulSeeker.
12. How do I evolve or compose my Eudemon?
13. Why is the HP reduced after I die?
14. How often are the servers maintained?
15. Why is there a server window in the top left hand corner but I cannot select it nor do anything about it?
16. I cannot login to the server, the notice says, " Players full."
17. I can't read the game font like in the screenshot.
18. How to gain EPs or PPs?