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1. Skills

Q: Why the Fire Blast skill of my Warrior can't be upgraded to Lv2?

2. Equipments

Q: Where can I get boots that is above LV 91.
Q: Why can't I have my equipment repaired when its durability drops to 0?
Q: How many Violet Stone does it cost to swap for a Super VioStone?
Q: Why can't I use the Refined Beryl purchased via PP to compose a Super Beryl?

3. Maps

Q: Why I can't ride on my mount in Cronus?
Q: Which is the best way to get to Dark Marsh?

4. Common Function

Q: Why the warehouse still asked me to enter my password even after I have reset my warehouse password in the official site.

1) God's blessing

Q: Why I can't stay in the offline training ground for 15 hours?
Q: Why can't I track my enemy?
Q: Why I don't have God's blessing from my apprentice?

2) Traps

Q: When will the traps appear in the map?

3) Mine

Q: Why my LV 10 character is killed in the mine?

5. Quest System

Q: Why can't I complete the LV 9 Equipment Upgrade Quest? Why the gem can't be used?
Q: Why I didn't get the super equipment as prize after I finish the Daily Quest?
Q: Why I can only do Netherhalls Quest for only once.
Q: Why I can't enter the Netherhalls even after I get the Nether Cord?
Q: Why the Magic Seal in the Mage Skill Quest is invalid?
Q: Why can't I find Delores (Gobi Desert 282,428) when I am doing the quest The 4th Hatcher?
Q: Why the number of my hatcher doesn't increase after I finished the 5th Hatcher and 6th Hatcher quest?