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Divine Eudemons' Star Ranking

After Apotheosis, you will get much more Battle Power, which is especially reflected in the Divine Eudemons' star ranking. In contrast with Eudemons' star ranking, the Battle Power Reward in Divine Eudemons' star ranking is doubled. The highest Battle Power Reward is 40.

Attention: When a mortal summons a Divine Eudemon, he is unable to obtain the Divine Eudemon Battle Power Reward.

The 40-star Eudemons can join in the Divine Eudemons' star ranking. Born Divine Eudemon can enjoy the Battle Power Reward.

Rank BP Reward
1 40
2 39
3 38
4-10 35
11-20 33
21-50 30
51-80 27
81-90 25
91-100 20