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Demon Rising II - Misty Crags

Duration Anytime
Rewards Soul Shard (P-2), Gems, Reborn Crystal, Luck Potions, Blessings, etc.
Difficulty 6-Star
Requirements Level 50+
Location Misty Crags
Key Items Book of Ordeals
Right click to read and learn how to open the Slaughter Portal.
Crag Codex
Right click to read the details about the Misty Crags.
Key NPC Sergeant Owen (Cronus 124,542)
Bloody Gate (Misty Crags 333,91)
Slaughter Gate (Misty Crags 343,91)
Omen Gate (Misty Crags 354,91)
Battered Lockbox (Misty Crags 658,498)

Brief Walkthrough
1. Talk with Owen(Cronus 124,542) to learn about the Misty Crags and then enter it.
2. Kill the Wandering Undead to activate the Bloody Portal. Then fight against Bloody Queen Helen.
3. Get the Book of Ordeals in the Battered Lockbox. Follow the book's instructions, and pull the 8 switches to activate the Slaughter Portal. Kill the Dread Knight Thoraeus.
4. Sacrifice your HP, to reach the Adversity Pit. Kill the Dread Lord Montalm.

Detailed Walkthrough
The Misty Crags are in the outlands of Cronus. There, mutant demonic beasts and followers of the sealed Dread Lord Montalm reside, thriving on darkness and blood.
It was found that Bloody Queen Helen and Dread Knight Thoraeus are performing rituals in the Misty Crags, trying hard to resurrect Montalm. They are gathering their forces near the Darkness Mire there, and an arduous battle is awaiting the heroes of Cronus...

Find Sergeant Owen (Cronus 124,542) and enter the Misty Crags. You will see 3 gates at the entrance, which will send you to the corresponding portals after being activated.

Bloody Portal---- Kill Wandering Undead:
Go down the road until you find the Bloody Portal. Kill the Wandering Undead to activate it, and then it will send you to a crusader, whose eyes were blinded by Bloody Queen Helen, the lover of Montalm. After talking with him, you will be sent to Helen's mire, where she is performing a ritual to break the seal on Lord Montalm.

Bloody Queen Helen ---- Keep the 10 Saint Beacons lightening:
You must head into the center of the mire and disrupt Helen's ritual. She will get angry and send her aides, the Mutant Bats, to keep you busy. The Mutant Bats hate light, so you should light up all 10 Saint Beacons around the mire. If you keep them shining, the Bats will scatter. If not, they will continually appear.

If you can keep the 10 Saint Beacons lit, it will be easier to deal with Helen. After she is finallydead, and all her minions are gone, you can find the magical path nearby to continue your adventure.

Slaughter Portal --- Pull 8 Switches:
You are sent to a silent crossroad, with an ancient lockbox lying quietly on the road. Open it to get the Book of Ordeals. Without it you will not pull the 8 switches.

How to pull the switches?
Switches of Humility, Mercy, Endurance, Honesty:
Stand beside them and wait for 10 seconds to get tested for these virtues, and then pull them.

Switches of Generosity, Restraint, Chastity, Wisdom:
Kill 5 required monsters in the halo around the switches to show the virtues inside yourself, and then pull them!

All the 8 switches have been pulled. They've formed a magic array and the Slaughter Portal will open! Go through the portal and you will find a dying crusader nearby, asking you to stop Dread Knight Thoraeus' ritual.

Dread Knight Thoraeus – Summon the power s in the 3 Pillars
To stop Thoraeus, you need to summon the powers in the Flame Pillar, Ice Pillar and Thunder Pillar. Prepare yourself! The Dread Knight and his minions are on the way!

While fighting against Thoraeus, you can summon 1 kind of the elemental powers and extinguish beasts of their corresponding elements, in order to weaken the demonic armies.

Omen Portal --- avoid the traps on the way and sacrifice some blood
A secret path revealed itself, after the Dread Knight and his armies were defeated. Enter it, and you will be sent to another path.

Be careful of the Vampire Pillar, Siphon Mana Pillar and Soul Absorb Pillar on the way to the Omen Portal. You will lose your HP, MP or Soul Points if you get close to them!

In the end of the path, you will see the Omen Portal. It will take you to the Adversity Pit, where the Dread Lord Montalm is sealed. You must sacrifice some blood to activate it.

Dread Lord Montalm --- Kill him before the Demonic Statue gathered enough blood
You are now in the Adversity Pit. Go to the Demonic Statue, kill the Surges before they can explode, or they will absorb your blood for the Revival Ritual.

Kill Montalm before the statue has enough blood! Let the evil remain buried here, forever!

If you succeed in defeating Montalm, you will earn honor from this war, as well as the Soul Shard (P-2) in his crate.

However, it's not the end. Darkness is still upon Cronus, the nightmare will never truly be over...