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Pre Quest - Discovery

Rewards Experience
Limitation Once
Location Heart Lake 6
Key Item
Thearchy Notes
Description: A mysterious text, recording rites and instructions of divine skills.
Key NPC Kandalf  (Cronus 302,408)
Reminiscent Pig (Heart Lake 620,18)

Brief Walkthrough
1. Follow the Divine Priest Kandalf's instructions, and find the Reminiscent Pig in Heart Lake 6.
2. Claim a hoe from the Reminiscent Pig and use it to dig out a note.
3. Take the mysterious note to Kandalf. Poor Kandalf was turned into a pig by reciting the incantations while translating.
4. You promised Kandalf to forget about the transformation and get experience as a reward.
5. Right click the note to learn some information about the Divine Skills.

Detailed Walkthrough
Kandalf, the loyal servant of the Gods, will tell you about a big secret. It is said that a Reminiscent Pig was looking up in the sky near Heart Lake 6 and caught sight of God while he was conjuring. Head over there, and you may learn something about the observed Divine Skills.

It's an amazingly fortunate thing, to have a glimpse of the Gods. Of course you wouldn't want to miss it! You follow Kandalf's instructions, and find the magnificent pig just sitting there beside Heart Lake. It's standing at the edge of the bluff under the bright moon.

The pig gives you a hoe and asks you to leave him alone. Now go to Heart Lake 6(32,19) to dig for something that is rumored to be buried by God.

You dig out something strange by Heart Lake 6 (32,19), such as Jetton and a Broken Sheath, which can give you 10 minutes with an EXP bonus. Don't give up! After several tries, you finally get the note and break your hoe. The language is so alien and magnificent to see, that only the blessed Kandalf can understand.

You take the mysterious note to Kandalf. While translating the note, he is suddenly turned into a pig while reciting the incantations on the pages. Poor Kandalf! Fortunately, it won't last long.

It's a tragic thing to happen for such an old wizard as Kandalf. You promise him you'll forget about the transformation, and get a certain amount of experience as a thank you.  

OK. Forget the pig and examine the Thearchy Note. Let's learn some details of the Divine Skills in advance. The Divine Path is expected to open on May 8th and Divine Skills are the heart and soul of the New Expansion. Which skill do you want to learn?