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Pre Quest - Demon Reborn

Reward Summon the illusion of a devil leader
Duration All day
Limitation Once a day
Name: Salia
Location: Cronus (932,574)
Misty Marsh (536, 232)
Key Item
Holy Crystal
Description: Right click to collect Eudemon Energy, then use to summon the illusion of a devil leader around Cronus.

Brief Walkthrough
1. Kill Naya with the help of the Magicians.
2. Claim the Holy Crystal from the leader of the zone guard, then use it to collect Eudemon Energy.
3. Right click on the Holy Crystal to summon the illusion of Naya.

Detailed Walkthrough
As the doors to the Divine Land tremble, many horrendous creatures have spawned in the land of Cronus. The Zone Guards try their best to exterminate this new, foul stench and defend Cronus, but the task seems impossible. After receiving a message from the Zone Guard Leader Salia, you hurry to the battlefield and see the magicians are fighting with the devil leader.

There will be different devils appearing at different times, but let's focus on Naya. Salia says that the devil leader has 3 different forms. What you see here is Naya's first shape. With the weakening of her power, she will become smaller and smaller. You are able to kill Naya when her power has been reduced to its lowest level. After she is defeated, Salia gives you the key item “Holy Crystal”, which can be used to collect Naya's energy after her death.

With the help of the magicians, you have killed the first 2 incarnations of Naya. You can see her smallest shape now, and it's also her weakest. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your weapon and deliver the final blow. It's time to end her wave of destruction.

After the intense battle, the devil leader lies dead at your feet. Use the Holy Crystal on it to collect the escaping Eudemon Energy. It can be used later.

The Holy Crystal has extracted enough Eudemon Energy from the devil leader's corpse. Right click on it to summon the illusion of the devil leader, in order to consume the Energy it produces. The once defiant devil leader now becomes a mere puppet, whose strings are pulled by you. It's a proud victory for all of Cronus' people. 3 cheers for our hero!