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Pre Quest - Saint Eudemons

Reward Summon the illusion of 1 Eudemon
Duration All day
Limitation Once a day
Ashley (Cronus 850,496)
Key Item
Crystal Ball
Description: It's used to find the lost Eudemons.

Brief Walkthrough
1. Accept Predictor Maldau's request to help Ashley find the lost Eudemons from the Divine Land.
2. Use the Crystal Ball you acquired from Ashley to locate 8 lost Eudemons.
3. Return the 8 missing Eudemons to Ashley, and summon the illusion of 1 Eudemon.

Detail Walkthrough
Maldau has a new message about the coming Divine Path. Lately, many Eudemons from the Divine Land have begun to appear on Cronus. They have astonishing power, but they have become timid and wary of approaching humans. The Eudemon Master Ashley has come here to find, and capture, these wild Eudemons. You can go and talk to her to learn more details. 

Ashley tells you that the dimensional gap between the Divine Land and Cronus is getting larger and larger, with the barrier dividing them becoming increasingly thin. Many Eudemons have been getting lost in this gap, with terrible results. They are becoming dangerous, so we must locate and contain them as quickly as possible.

Ashley asks for your help in capturing them, and will hand over a Crystal Ball to aid you. It can be used to find the rogue Eudemons.

There are 8 lost Eudemons you will need to collect. Right click on the Crystal Ball, select the Eudemon you want to find, and you will be lead to the center of Cronus around the Windmill Town.

You look around and should easily spot one of the Eudemons. She seems panicked and hopes you can take her back to Ashley.

You accept her request, and surprisingly, find that the Eudemon has changed into an egg that gets placed in your inventory. Now, to find other Eudemons! Finish collecting all 8 Eudemon eggs, then head back to Ashley and return them to her.

To express her gratitude, Ashley tells you a secret of the Crystal Ball. It can absorb and save part of a Eudemon's energy, so as to locate that Eudemon more precisely. You can use the Crystal Ball to summon the illusion of 1 Eudemon. Pretty handy stuff!