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The Apocalypse

Event Time All day
Location Cronus
Rewards Blessing from the God Helens
Key NPC Predictor Moldau (Cronus 293,395)

Brief Walkthrough
Visit the Predictor Molde, with his help, you can go to the wisdom statue to get your blessing.

Detailed Walkthrough
When logging into the game, you will find a leaflet titled the Opening of the Divine Path in your inventory. You are become interested and decide to have a look.

The leaflet leads you to the predictor Moldau, who is always talking about the opening of the Divine Path.

After talking, Moldau sends you to a wisdom statue which is built to welcome the opening of the Divine Path. If you pray before it, you will get a blessing from God.

There is an aura before the statue. Are you ready to get the Apocalypse from the God Helens? Then follow the statue's instruction and step into the aura to start praying. Have patience and do not leave before the prayer is completed.

Your prayers have been answered, and you've got the blessing from the apocalypse. Getting more and more curious about the Divine Path? It's coming soon.