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The Revival Spring

Event Time All day
Location Cronus
Revival Spring
Key NPC Predictor Moldau (Cronus 293,395)

Brief Walkthrough
Visit the Predictor Moldau, with his help, you can go to the fountain in Cronus for the Revival Spring.

Detailed Walkthrough
When logging in to the game, you will find a leaflet titled the Opening of the Divine Path in your inventory. You become quite interested and decide to have a look.

The leaflet leads you to the predictor Moldau, who is always talking about the opening of the Divine Path.

Before the epic Opening, the fountain in Cronus will receive amazing lunar energy directly from the moon. Those who drink from the water of this fountain will have their HP and MP fully recovered. In order to prove his words, Moldau gives you an empty bottle and to give it a try. 

There is an Oracle named Anguilla near the fountain. He will tell you the details of the Revival Spring. It’s no doubt that the opening of the Divine Path is approaching.

You carefully put the empty bottle in the fountain and get a bottle of precious Revival Spring.

You drink the Revival Spring and surprisingly find that your HP and MP have been recovered fully. How Fantastic! More to look forward to with the coming of the Divine Path.