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Demon Rising - Revenge of the Corrupted

Quest Time 04:00 - 06:00 / 11:00 - 13:00 / 18:00 - 20:00, every day (From Aug.11th, 2010)
Rewards Moon Box, Gems, High-star Eudemons, God's Blessing, Exp, Gold, etc.
Difficulty 9-Star
Requirement Level 50+, 1 Paladin in the team
Limitation None
Entrance Cronus (850,500)
Key Item Caria Key

Brief Walkthrough
1. Bring the Caria Key, and open the Portal in Saint Temple to enter Caria Fortress.
2. Clear barriers and monsters, unseal the Slasher Altar and kill 4 Inferno Inquisitors.
3. Kill all of the hidden Inferno Wolves, close the Inferno Barrier.
4. Deal with the Silent Knight Statues and destroy the Thunder Barrier.
5. Break the seal of Countess Sutton. Kill her and take her key.
6. Use Sutton's key and enter her treasury. (Optional)
7. Avoid the traps and close the Seal Devices in the 4 corners to break another magic barrier.
8. Summon Abyssal Overseer and kill him.
9. Activate the barriers and find the sealed Emma's Soul.
10. Fill the blood ring and save Emma. Finish her request to get Emma's Tear.
11. Pass Alamut's tests and get ready for the final battle with Alamut.
Note: Adventurers' HP, MP and Soul will triple their consumption in Caria Fortress.

The Location of Bosses

Detailed Walkthrough
Visit Dresden and buy 1 Caria Fortress Commission to take some sub-quests. To enter Caria Fortress, make sure you have the Caria Key, Potency Stone, Lunar Rune and Frost Armor in your inventory. You can get them by doing the other 4 quests.


There is a magic barrier blocking your way. Close it and the blasters will come out and attack you. 90% of the monsters in Caria Fortress will explode when they die. Once you kill them, run away fast or they may drag you to hell with them.

Move on pass the traps and clear the monsters (or escape them if you can). You have reached the Slasher Altar. Sacrifice HP to the 2 Bloody Knight Statues, and then break the seal to kill 4 Inferno Inquisitors

Fate Boxes: Do you dare to leave your destiny in the hands of fate?

Another room full of traps and hidden Inferno Wolves. You will not close the Inferno Barrier until you kill all of the Inferno Wolves in the room.

There are 2 lines of Knight Statues. Watch your back. Some of them will revive and make a surprise attack when you are walking by. Kill them and operate the other statues to destroy the Thunder Barrier.

Sacrifice enough HP and MP to the 2 Bloody Knight Statues, break the curse on the 2 poles besides them and then break the seal of Countess Sutton. Kill her and take her key,

Use Sutton's key to open her treasury. (Optional) After killing all monsters in the treasury, you can open the boxes to see what's inside.

In the cloister, fire is burning. Giant stones covered with sharp spines will fall down frequently. Avoid these traps and close the Seal Devices in the 4 corners to break another magic barrier.

Sacrifice HP and Soul to the Bloody Statues. Lead the souls in the Totems to the corresponding pole and reseal them. Then summon Abyssal Overseer and kill him.

After a fierce fight with Abyssal Overseer, you move on and get blocked by some barriers again. Follow the tips to activate them.

You saw a soul sealed on an altar. It's Emma, Alamut's fiancée. You stepped into the blood ring without hesitation and fill it with your blood to release her soul. After finishing Emma's request, don't forget to go back to her for Emma's Tear.

It's said that Emma's Tear can protect you from a fatal attack when you are fighting with Avenging Alamut. With Emma's blessing, you come to the depths of Caria Fortress. Alamut is waiting for you.

After reading 3 curses and getting through the tests, Alamut is awakened and finally launches his attack. Adventurers of Cronus, stand united and prove your power and devotion.