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EudemonSealer: Never Lose Your Eudemons

Using a Eudemon Sealer will protect your Eudemons from being stolen, dropped, traded and composed. No one can take your Eudemon, even if someone else plays your character.

You can unseal Eudemons, but you need to wait 5 days after clicking the 'Unseal' button for them to return to their normal status.

How To Seal Your Eudemons-
1. Buy a Eudemon Sealer in the shopping mall for 5 Eps.

2. Right click the Eudemon sealer.

3. Click 'Seal' in the eudemon avatar window then click 'Yes' to seal it.

4. After sealing it, an icon will appear in the Eudemon bag.

How To Unseal your Eudemon
1.Click the Eudemon sealer on your Eudemon:

2. Click the 'Yes' button and your Eudemon will be unsealed in 5 days.

3. During these 5 days, you can use another Eudemon sealer to re-seal it.