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Castle - Castle Decoration

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Everyone knows the story, and most have the childhood fairy-tale dream; a far away country, at the foot of a snowy moutain, the lush arms of a green forest surround a reflective tranquil lake, there is a beautiful castle, where a happy population thrives and a prince and princess live happily ever after...

Now you can have your own castle! And you can decorate it as you wish.

Just click on the 'Castle' button in the upper right corner, the following window will appear. Click on the button 'Details' to check all details concerning your castle.


Click on the 'Purchase' buttons to buy decoration items with gold or ep. They will be put in your inventory.

Right click on the items and you can place them wherever you like.

After an item is placed, you can also 'Delete' or 'Move' the item.

And you can also click on the 'Go to' button and auto-navigate to the items you've chosen; click on the 'Turn' button to adjust the angle.

And the spouse of a castle's owner can also move or place decorations.