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Still think the castle is not useful enough? Gathered lots of items but not willing to go back to store them? Then, you should not miss the HOME WAREHOUSE. You can not only store your items anytime by accessing your remote storage space, but also increase the storage space available to you by leveling up your home.

Having created a castle, you will own your own home. You can level up your home, as well as leveling up your castle. More features are coming soon.

How to create a Home Warehouse?
First, enter your home.

After you have placed the Warehouse and Eudemon Warehouse at home, you will finish this job. You can buy them by pressing button "Purchase (EP)". Not available for gold purchase now.

Open the Home Warehouse in a range
After creating the home warehouse, you can click the button on the tool bar to activate it, or, you can also enter the Home map and click the Warehouse and Eudemon Warehouse to enter.

Item Amounts
The room of your home warehouse will be enlarged when you have leveled up your home. And it can then store more items.


Level Amount
1 20
2 40
3 60
4 80
5 100

Eudemon warehouse

Level Amount
1 1
2 3
3 5
4 7
5 10