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The 5th Hatcher

The 5th Hatcher

The Institute of Eudemons has recently discovered a way of activating the fifth and sixth hatcheries. Cheney can give you some additional information on this new development. Then visit Miya, the Eudemons Trainer, and she will ask you to prepare the Diamond Eye.
Except for doing the quest, you can choose to purchase the Refined Rune Hatcher in the Shopping Mall, to open the 5th Hatcher directly.

Key NPCs
Cheney (Cronus City 279,546) , Miya (Cronus City 279,538)
Add an additional hatchery

1. Visit Cheney (Cronus City 279,546) and pay 1 million in gold for the 5th hatchery letter. He will then send you to Miya, the Eudemons Trainer (Cronus City 279,538).

2. Before finding Miya, you need to open the 4th hatchery fisrt (How do I open the 4th hatchery? Click here.) Next, prepare the Diamond Eye which can be extracted from a mixture of Tourmaline, Pearl Powder and Hawkthorn Juice. (These items can be hard to find.)

  3. Two Eudemon Clovers and one Violet Stone are required to make a Tourmaline. Harris at the south altar of Cronus (1413, 1044) can help you concoct this admixture.
  4. Phillip resides in the village to the East of Cronus (463, 164). Visit him and he will make your Hawkthorn Juice.(Needs two Eudemon Coniums and a Violet Stone)
5. Visit Roger in the West of Cronus (662, 871). He can create a Pearl Powder concoction, but you must firstly bring him two Race Fruit and a Violet Stone.

6. Return to Miya and give her the Diamond Eye. She will open your 5th hatchery for you.