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Dawn of Romance - Wedding Rings

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It’s said that once a wedding ring is engraved, a duplicate ring will occur and the love magic will be aroused.

If you’re interested, bring your spouse and your wedding ring to the Ring Engraver (Cronus 261,517). She will engrave the names of you and your spouse in the wedding ring, and make a duplicate ring for your spouse. (You can also engrave the ring at your wedding.).

Caitlin provides 8 kinds of wedding rings for couples. The ring at different levels will give its owner different love privileges.


Level Name Image
1 Star Tear Ring
2 Moon Tear Ring
3 Sun Tear Ring
4 Galaxy Tear Ring
5 Spirit Tear Ring
6 Pure Tear Ring
7 Eternal Tear Ring
8 Saintly Tear Ring


When you have a wedding ring, equip it and activate the ‘Ring’ button on your character window to access the Ring Paradise. There, you’ll be able to enjoy mystical love privileges.

Present flowers to your wife every day, to gain Love Stamps. If you can make it every day, you will receive more Love Stamps. The more Love Stamps, the more privilege you will enjoy.

Ring Spirit

Currently, there are 2 Ring Spirits available. If you have a Level 6+ wedding ring, click ‘Ring’ button to summon a beautiful Ring Spirit. The higher level the ring is, the more Ring Spirit you can summon.


Exclusive Ring Garment

With a Level 1+ wedding ring, you’re able to unlock the ‘Closet’ button and wear the Starry Feather, an exclusive ring garment. More ring garments will be available in the game.

Amazing Lights

Activate amazing light effects with the Love Stamps of your wedding ring. The higher level the ring is, the more light effects you will gain. If you have a Level 8 wedding ring, you can activate all the light effects from Level 1 – 8.


Level 1 Wedding Ring: Solar Dream  
Level 2 Wedding Ring: Sakula`s Promise  
Level 3 Wedding Ring: Forever Love  
Level 4 Wedding Ring: Light of Star  
Level 5 Wedding Ring: Flame of Love  
Level 6 Wedding Ring: Light of Diamond  
Level 7 Wedding Ring: Golden Flowers  
Level 8 Wedding Ring: Violet Dream  


Instant Teleportation

If you have a Level 3+ wedding ring, you can use its power to instantly come to your spouse. A certain time of CD is required after each use.