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Dawn of Romance - Wedding Guide

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What should the perfect wedding be in your mind? A catalog of fantastic weddings are available for couples. The followings are going to tell you how to make your dream wedding come true!

Wedding Reservation

Are you ready for a marriage? If yes, team up with your beloved and find Caitlin (Cronus 295,539) for your wedding preparations. We also welcome married couples to realize your dream of wedding!

Step 1: Decide on a Date

For a better wedding, you should have at least 3 hours for preparation. A proper time you choose will bring more friends and families to your wedding.

Step 2: Choose the Ceremony Location

There are 4 places available for a wedding. Each will cost you 5,200,000 Gold.

Step 3: Disposal

Every detail of the wedding can be designed by the couples, from the master of wedding to the wedding cake. You’ll be involved in every stage of your wedding. Enjoy the fun!

Step 3: Disposal

To make sure everything is fine, the couple can run a wedding rehearsal. After that, you need to save your disposal. And then, look forward to your wedding day!

Ring & Dress

Currently, there are 3 types of wedding dress and 8 kinds of wedding rings for couples to choose from. Pick and buy your favorite on the Wedding interface. The selected dress and the ring will be marked with the names of you and your spouse and temporary kept by the system. When your wedding day comes, you’ll have the dress and the ring worn automatically.

Snowy Dream

Starlit Wedding

Dream Wedding

Invitation Card

After you made a successful wedding reservation, you can start delivering your wedding invitations to your friends, mentor or apprentice, legion mates, families, etc.

The invited guests can check the wedding information on the invitation, and also directly use it to access the wedding on the wedding day.

Wedding Day