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Dawn of Romance - Raising Babies

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Baby’s Attributes

1. The baby can only be traded between its parents. The parent who has the baby will automatically take custody after a divorce, and the baby can still be traded between the parents.

2. Training baby’s attribute will cost a certain amount of Energy which can be collected by hunting monsters.

3. If killed, the baby needs 10 minutes of rest to get revived. The higher the baby’s quality, the shorter the time. Since 20-Star, each 1 star of upgrading will save the baby 6 seconds. When the baby reaches 70-Star, it only needs 5 minutes to get revived.

4. The baby at 10+ Star can be appointed as a Hereditary Knight. After being appointed, the baby’s parents will gain extra BP. (Each 10 stars gives 1 BP, up to 7 BP.)

5. There are 6 types of Babies:

P-Atk&Def M-Atk&Def
P-Atk M-Atk
P-Def M-Def


Battle Training: Improve its main attributes. (No restrictions on the Minor Eudemon’s type.)

Intelligence Training: Improve its initial attributes (The Intelligence received during fetal education will become the baby’s initial attribute after the birth.)

Luck Training: Improve its Luck. (No restrictions on the Minor Eudemon’s type.)

Will Training: Has a chance to increase its Will by using a Universal O or a Universal XO

Mentality Training: Has a chance to increase its Mentality by using a Universal O or a Universal XO ()

Potential Training: Improve its sub-attributes. Enroll the baby at Potential School with the Enlightenment Coins. Each Baby can have up to 5 lessons at most, every day. Each lesson takes 45 minutes. You can’t summon the baby during a lesson. If disturbed, the baby won’t have its Potential increased.

Divine Battle Training: Increase the baby’s Divine Battle by using a Saint XO/O.

Divine Potential Training: Increase the baby’s Spirit and Wisdom y using a Saint XO/O.

Divine Soul Training: Increase the baby’s Divine Soul value by using an Eidolon O.

Divine Phase: Upgrade the baby’s Divine Phase by using a Soul Stone.


Parents can play with their baby to increase its Excitement by dancing, singing, making faces, and laughing. When the Excitement reaches 100, the baby will gain the ‘Eudemon Clover’ effect, and have the Excitement cleared to 0.

However, each time of interaction will increase the baby’s Fatigue value by 20. The baby can’t play anymore, when its Fatigue reaches 80. The baby’s Fatigue will decrease by 1 for each 30 seconds of online time.

Feed the baby with Happy Steak to increase its Energy and Satiety, which may also bring Blessing and ‘Eudemon Clover’ effect.

Besides, the baby will receive 10 bonus Potential after each time of interaction. So easy to make it increase to 100, and completely stimulate the baby’s attack.

Adoption & Abandonment

If you’re single, you can adopt a baby at Jessica (Cronus 290,539), the Orphanage Manager. Before making a decision, you can preview babies’ gender, attribute, grade, quality and other basic information. Then, select a baby you want to adopt and pay a certain amount of fee.

The Orphanage will update the list of available babies at the top of each hour. So, you’d better be fast when you see a desired baby.

If you want to get rid of the baby, you can send it to the Orphanage. Once abandoned, the baby can’t be retrieved by its parents.