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Wedding Night

When the wedding comes to the end, you and your beloved may feel tired and need a private room. Mido will introduce you to the Wedding Room. The married couples can also find Sana (Cronus 301,539) to enter the Sweet Room.
In the Sweet Room, you and your spouse will feel a strong sense of love. What’s more? Come and experience by your own!

After 1 hour of intimate behaviors, you and your spouse may have a baby. That would be the best gift to your love!

Pregnancy Tips

With a Divine Doll, you can decide your Baby’s type during pregnancy. The doll also gives you a bigger chance of having twins. Surprise! You’ll get a specific Divine Doll by using a corresponding Pregnancy Spirit together with the Divine Herb.

When the wife asks for an intimate behavior, she’ll receive a system message about whether to use a Divine Doll or not. Just select the doll you want to use, and confirm your decision.


Mothers must keep a good mood during the 7 days of pregnancy. Kiss and flowers (99/999) can always make your pregnant wife happy. When the mood reaches 90 points, the mother will receive up to 400% of fetal education effect. Please note that, mother’s mood value will be cleared at the beginning of every new day.

Baby’s Intelligence increases through touching the mother’s belly, storytelling, and a prenatal dietary supplement, which has a direct impact on baby’s initial attributes. Training baby’s initial attribute during pregnancy, instead of after birth, will bring lots of advantages. It’s also true when the mother is having twins.

During the pregnancy, the mother cannot use the 2 empty slots reserved for babies in her Eudemon Bag.


After 7 days of pregnancy, the mother will be sent to the Maternity with her husband, expecting their baby’s birth.

The baby belongs to the mother as default, and it can only be traded between the parents. If twins were born, each of the parents can have one baby.