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Warrior Skills

Eudemon Skills
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Level Required
This skill is the primary fighting skill for warriors, which is based on senior experiences. After you master this skill, you can deal out extra damage to enemies in a certain time during the battle.
You can use this skill only when your XP bar is full. This skill will deliver great damage to your enemies.
After you master the Whirlwind skill, the enemies within three lattices around you will be damaged at the appropriate time, preventing anyone from reaching you.
The magical power to draw monsters towards you.
The result of using Berserker is somewhat akin to the wind sweeping away fallen leaves. This sector attack will send your enemies fleeing helter-skelter.
The power of Quadruchop seems like a fierce wind. The warrior attacks enemies with four continuous hits, preventing anyone from fighting back.
When you use this skill, your power is gathered together for a fierce continuous attack aimed at your enemies. It looks so pageantry, just like riding the wind and cleaving the waves.
Become a dragon and give the enemy great damage in 120 minutes. Only available in Legion War map.
This is one of the killing skills created by Mars. Although many essences have been lost after several years spread apart, it is still well-known by its rage power.
A kind of damage magic within scale, created by Mars, who uses the most powerful magic of Mages for reference. This skill has ever destroyed the lives and futures of countless Demons.
When warriors use this skill, the enemy will receive six consecutive hits. The mighty of Hexchop is as powerful as a blizzard.
Warrior Legions have learned ChainChop for many years. Although the original appearance cannot be recovered, the fast six hits skill is still created on the basis of FlyingChop.

Where to get the skill books?

1. Lana (Grocery - Cronus 311,413):
Wind Chop, Cleave [XP], Whirlwind
2. Yark (Grocery - ElvenCity 262,129):
Enticement, Berserker [XP]
3. Mary (Crocery - GobiDesert 194,322):
Quadru Chop, Fire Blast
4. Sue (Grocery - DarkMarsh 480,452):
Star Sword [XP], Hex Chop
5. Joans (Merchant - Market 284,478):
Flying Chop
6. Obtain from the quests:
Flying Chop, Chain Chop: Skill Book, PK tournament