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NPCs in the Market

No. Image Name Profession Location Services
1 TQBaby TQ Baby 304,449
Tells you the location of the NPCs.
2 Maisie Eudemon Warehouse 308,448
Hatches your pet eggs in 12 hours and stores your pets;
NPC for the quest 'Exchange HP 0/0 Eudemons'
3 Neri Eudemon Warehouse 311,448
Opens a new eudemon warehouse. (1 VioletStone.)
4 Aderes Eudemon Composing 315,448
Performs Eudemons Composing for you.
5 Brianna Super Rebirth 319,448
Performs Super Rebirth.(380 EPs)
6 Vivian Exp. Guide 323,444
Converts equipment into Eudemon crystals (10,000 gold).
7   Evolution Oven Evolution Oven 329,449
Second Evolution for your pets
8 Nels Eudemon Appraiser 334,448
Checks your Eudemon's quality (10,000 gold);
NPC for opening 'the 4th hatcher'.
9 Gloria Eudemon Convertor 345,458
Converts Eudemons back into eggs.
10 Sarah Eudemon Hatcher 345,464
Batch hatch eggs, purchases and/or converts Eudemons.
12 Warren Family War 292,438
Tells you the occupants of the family war maps and the prizes.
13   SaintOath Market Castle Map 293,443
Check infor about castle map.
14   Castle Entrance    
16 Helena Merchant 292,460
Sell logs for building castle.
17 Toralena Lottery Supervisor 290,460
Sends you to the lottery map.
18 Amy Warehouse 288,465
Set password and use warehouse here.
19 Dresden Merchant 287,469
Sells garments which can be used for 7 days.
20 Lily Shopping Mall 274,470
Sells rare items. (Need eps.)
21 Humphrey Eudemon Code Keeper 284,474
Claim Eudemon Code here.
22 Joans Merchant 284,478
Sells stones, the FlyingChop skill book and God's blessing.
23 Garrison Executive Officer 259,480
Exchanges Red Stones for Exp.
24 Vanessa Market Seller 284,486
Sells eggs and items for Eudemons.
25 Beirut Quality Upgrade 306,507
Improves the quality of your equipment with a red stone.
26 Angelina Level Upgrade 316,501
Improves the level of your equipment with a violet stone.
27 Perez High Bonus Forger 321,501
Makes +12 equipment.
28 Douglas Gem Socket 326,501
Makes sockets in your weapon with some RedStones.
29 Andrew Identification 331,501
Identifies items for you. (100 gold)
30 Wilk Great Forger 337,517
Forge talisman
31 Luma Durability Repair 331,515
Repairs weapons and equipment.
32 Preston Special Repair 326,515
Repairs equipment which is worn out.
33 Renee Bonus Endow 321,509
Adds an extra bonus to your equipment with a yellow stone.
34 Charles Gem Embed 314,515
Embeds, combines and removes gems.
35 Holly Clothes Swap 281,507
36 Chapman Quest NPC 281,511
NPC for the quest 'Demon Cases'
37 Sodar Missionary 249,488
Claim double exp.and a star eye here (under God's Blessing)
38 CountChirst Legion War 249,494
NPC for the quest 'Legion War'.
39 Eudemon Hatcher Vip Eudemon House  
Provide serives for VIP players.
40 Carfloom Oracle Quest NPC 279,528
NPC for the quest 'Eudemon Apotheosis'
41 Albert Black Robe Mage 279,533
NPC for the quest 'Pre Apotheosis' and 'Apotheosis'
42 Zena Scholar 279,543
NPC for the quest 'summon 3 eudemons'.
43 Miya Quest NPC 279,538
44 James Collector 278,544
Sells super reborn crystal for 100 eps.
45 Heims Mission Promulgator 285,554
NPC for the quest 'Course Mission'.
46 Ryon Mission Recorder 285,559
Check course points here.
47 Cheney Quest NPC 279,546
NPC for the quests '5th hatcher' and '6th hatcher'.
48 Sebastian Training Ground Trainer 285,567
Sends you to the trainning ground.
50 Alfa Diviner 305,534
Weekend events introduction
51 Caitlin Marriage Priest 295,539
52 Bennet Quest NPC 312,528
Sends level 90+ players to Dark Castle at 9:30, every Monday
53 Commander Quest NPC 312,533
NPC for the quest 'Dragon Killing' (Level 100+).
54 Busuk Quest NPC 312,538
NPC for the quest 'Abyssal Palace '
55 Alden Quest NPC 312,543
NPC for the quest 'Netherhalls'
56 Dealer Quest NPC 305,552
NPC for the quest 'Treasuries'
57 Sam Quest NPC 305,557
NPC for the quest 'Cronus Snipe' ( Level 80-131 ).
58 Alfred Quest NPC 305,562
NPC for the quest 'Cronus Defense' (Level 125-131).
59 Adis Beautician 305,572
Buy avatars here.
60 Adele Hair Designer 305,567
Change hairstyle here.
61 Aimee Card Exchanger 254,516
Exchanges cards.(Anniversary events.)
62 Stuart Exp Exchanger 250,516
Exchanges cards into exp.(Anniversary events.)
63 Randy Firework Exchanger 246,516
Exchanges cards into fireworks.(Anniversary events.)
64 Joyce Rose Exchanger 242,516
Exchanges cards into roses.(Anniversary events.)
65 Irene Clothes Exchanger 238,516
Exchanges cards into clothes.(Anniversary events.)
66 Rock Gear Exchanger 234,516
Exchanges cards into gears.(Anniversary events.)
67 Clement Item Exchanger 230,516
Exchanges cards into rare items.(Anniversary events.)
68 Brenda Eudemon Exchanger 226,516
Exchanges cards into Eudemons.(Anniversary events.)
69 Lorraine Prize Legate 214,607
Claim prizes here.
70 SaintOath.CC Auctioneer 254,605
NPC for Auctions.

Market FAQs
1. Why have most NPC's changed their location and how can I find them quickly?
You can use Path Finding to find them.

2. There is a portal and an eastern entrance into Cronus, but how can I return to the map where I was teleported from?
Suppose you were teleported from the Island, you may visit every NPC in the Market, and if you want to go back to the Island, just go to the portal. However, if you leave the market and enter Cronus from the east entrance, you won't be allowed back onto the Island even if you go back to the portal. Remember to never leave the market and enter Cronus from the East entrance if you want to go back.

3. Can I PK or cast skills in the Market?

4. Where will I be if I log off while in the market?
You will appear where you were teleported from.