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Recruit Quests - Tutorial Missions

1. Beginning:

Open the quest log and accept the quest Tutorial, you will be lead to find Heims (Cronus 285,558). Heims will give you a 'Brave Potion' which will fully restore your HP and MP for 10 times.

Tutorial Missions

Tutorial Missions

Tutorial Missions

Then ask him about further missions.

Tutorial Missions

2. Course missions:

There are 3 levels of course missions. After finishing a course mission, you will receive honor points as below. Ryon can check the points for you.

Level Mission Points
Level 15
Forging Mission: Gaby's Problem
Level 30
Forging Mission: The Quartermaster's Problem
Level 50
Mentor Mission: Shelley's lost document
Composing Mission: Sax's Conspiracy

3. Honor Mission

When you get all 15 marks, you can apply for an iron medal: Get the letter from Heims and then visit Colough in the Elven City. If you are qualified, he will give you an iron medal.

4. Prize Mission

After getting the iron medal, you can apply for a prize mission - Stop the duel.

Clark wants to duel with Martin but Martin ignores this foolish royal. You need to return to Heims with your report. He will award you with 1 million in gold (This is an easy mission to complete).