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Quest - Forging Mission (Level 30)

Forging Mission (Level 30): Problem of Quartermaster

1. When you reach level 30, you can head to the mission man and choose Level 30-50- Forging Mission: Problem of Quartermaster. You will be teleported to the Quartermaster immediately. Or you can directly visit Quartermaster when you reach 30.

2. Go and find Quartermaster (277,394) in Cronus. You will find out that the Forging CC warehouse was hacked and you need to go to market and find Anglina to know more information.

3. When you see Anglina, you will get a report about the loss of VioletStones and its consequence.

4. You need to deliver this report to Quartermaster. Quartermaster hopes that you can find Beirut and know more details (Quartermaster sends you to Beirut to get more information).

5. You go to market and find Beirut, and he will give you a report too.

6. You take this report to Quartermaster again. But Quartermaster still wants you to help him. He tells you that there are some conflicts between Catherine and Rynee. Both of them are important to the military. Quartermaster hopes you can reconcile both parties. He asks you to go to market and find Rynee.

7. You find Rynee and she explains to you why she had used so many Yellow stones. And you also need to go to find Catherine to tell her what Rynee said.

8. You bring Rynee's report to Catherine but Catherine does not listen to you. She calls out 4 warriors to fight with you. You kill them very easily. You speak to Catherine again. Catherine keeps quiet and is satisfied with your explanation.

9. Go back to Quartermaster and he thanks you.When you complete the following steps, you will get a certain EXP. The total mission will award you 4000000 EXP and 56,000 gold.
Whenever you want
4,000,000EXP and 56,000Gold

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