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Quest - Compose Eudemon

Composing Mission (Level 50): Sax's conspiracy

Whenever you want
25000000 EXP and 50000 gold.
1. When you reach level 50, you can head to the mission man and choose Level 50-70- Composing Mission Sax's conspiracy. You will be teleported to the mission NPC immediately. Or you can visit Alice directly to start the quest.
2.Alice (Cronus) asks you to help her investigate a case where someone from the Eudemon Research Institute has gone missing in MistyMarsh. She wants you to first find her friend Lucia in ElvenCity for more details. Then she gives you a letter.

3. Once in ElvenCity, Lucia tells you that the forest guards have confirmed that the kidnapper is an evil Eudemon named Sax. Two years ago he tried to overtake ElvenCity but was defeated by Colough. In recent years, it has kidnapped many researchers and their Eudemons. It has been forcing them to compose with itself in order to gain more power. Next, she asks you to find Colough for more details.
4. Colough tells you that Sax wanted to occupy the ElvenCity because it has many Eudemons above level 40. Sax can use them when composing himself. But if Sax wants to increase its minor attributes, it needs to find Eudemons with a higher growth rate in miner attributes than itself. However, only Colough has a higher minor attribute growth rate. Colough is worried that Sax will go after Lucia. After this conversation, you will get an IdolStone.
5. Go to find Sax's nest. There are a lot of researchers and eudemons kidnapped by Sax. When you use the IdolStone, Colough's image appears in the cave. This makes Sax and his fellows come out. You need to fight with them and kill Sax four times (First three times, Sax will eat his fellow and grow stronger). Then you will get Sax's Eye when Sax is finally defeated.
6. Report to Colough. Colough tells you that you haven't killed the real Sax, however, ElvenCity is now a safer place. He asks you to raise some powerful Eudemons and return at a later time to eliminate it once and for all.

7. Report to Alice. The long lost member of the Eudemon Research Institute has told her of your bravery. She is very pleased and gives you many rewards. This mission will award you 25000000 EXP and 50000 in gold.



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