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Quest - Mentor Mission (Level 50)

Mentor Mission (Level 50): Shelley`s Lost Document

1. When you reach level 50, you can head to the mission man and choose Level 50-70- Mentor Mission level 50- Shelley's lost document. You will be teleported to the mission NPC immediately. Or you can visit Shelley directly to start this quest.

2. Find Shelley. She tells you that she lost Grounce`s new Mentor Document. She hopes that you can go and get another copy for her.

3. You find Grounce (Cronus 171,387). He explained the benefits of being a mentor and he gives you a 14 Level 1 students' name list. If you read the list, you will get 1200000 gold.

4. Bring the document to Shelley, and she told you that some part of the list was distained; you need to visit Simon in GobiDesert.

5. You finally find Simon in desert and he explained the benefits of being a mentor again, and gives you a name list. You read it and also gained some EXP from it.

6. Go back and find Shelley, mission completed. This mission can award you 25400000 EXP, 100000 gold.
Whenever you want
25400000 EXP, 100000 Gold