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Cronus Snipe

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Cronus Snipe



Sam (Cronus 305,557)
Character Level 80-131

Rich experience, 2 ExpBalls

Level 80-131 players can visit Sam to receive a mission note. This note will record all your actions and inform you of actions needing to be completed.

After accepting the 'snipe' quest follow the mission note's instructions. When you have finished a task you will receive instructions on your next task. Once you have finished all the tasks in a region you will need to right click on the note before receiving your rewards.

If you complete the mission in one day you will receive all the rewards; otherwise, you will only receive half of the potential rewards. If you quit the mission, you will have to wait 24 hours before attempting it again. Additionally, if you lose the mission note you will have to abandon the quest without receiving any rewards.

The quest begins in the Gobi Desert, and moves to the DarkMarsh, Icyland, the Island and to the Volcano.

In order to get all the rewards, you should make sure that:
1. You finish the quest within 24 hours.
2. When you have finished a mission right click on the Mission Note in order to receive the next mission.
3. You need to kill all the required monsters in each region.
4. After killing the set number of monsters in a region, right click on the Mission Note, which will disappear and tell you to go back to Sam who will give you your rewards.

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