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Eudemon Operation

Eudemon Eggs

New characters begin with 2 Eudemons ( 2 WarriorAtkDef for warriors and 2 MageAtkDef for mages).

Monsters will randomly drop eggs.

Some eggs are only available in the shops and/or at the shopping mall.

Eggs can be purchased in gold from the following vendors:

Eudemon Seller Alice Cronus(279.409)
Market Seller Vanessa(284,488)

Eggs can be purchased with EPs from the shoppingmall:

Lily Market(287,471).

Hatching Eudemon eggs

Using your own hatchery:

Drag an egg from your Eudemon bag into the hatchery and it will be hatched in an hour.

If you are disconnected during this time, you'll have to rehatch the egg.

Initially you can hatch 3 Eudemons. But you can hatch more by completing the '4th, 5th, and 6th Hatcher quest'.

Using the Eudemon Warehouse

There are 5 Eudemon warehouses. Five eggs can be hatched in each warehouse and it will take 12 hours to hatch the eggs whether or not you are online.

Market: Maisie(310, 452) Free to use.
Neri(313, 452) require a VioletStone.

Cronus: Nancy(281, 416) Free to use.

Elven City:Lucia(195,91) Free to use

How to summon Eudemons

Click "Sum" to summon your Eudemon. Summoned Eudemons will follow you while fighting enemies. You can summon 2 Eudemons or 3 if you use a GodEudemonStone or by completing the "Summon 3 Eudemons" quest.

Eudemons whose level is more than 9 levels higher than you can not be summoned.

If a Eudemon is 3 levels higher than you, it won't receive any experience until your character is leveled up.

Retrieving your Eudemons

Eudemon may be revived by killing monsters.

Note: Killed monsters of the same or a higher level will revive your Eudemon faster.

Converging with your Eudemons

You can converge with a Eudemon at level 10, 2 at level 15 and 3 by using a GodEudemonStone or completing the "Summon 3 Eudemons" quest after level 50.

While Converged, your Eudemon's attack and defence will be added to your character.

Leveling up your Eudemons

Eudemons can level up by killing monsters. You can also feed Eudemons crystals and Expballs to level up quickly.

Eudemon Skill

All Eudemons know the skills Cleave and Firebolt. If you want to teach your Eudemons additional skills you can buy a skill book from the Grocery (Cronus 308,409), right click the book and left click on the summoned Eudemon. Click here to learn more.