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The 6th Hatcher


The 6th Hatcher

To open the 6th hatchery speak to Cheney who will tell to speak to the Eudemons Trainer Olina and she knows how to activate the 6th hatchery.
Except for doing the quest, you can choose to purchase the Super Rune Hatcher in the Shopping Mall, to open the 6th Hatcher directly.
Key NPCs
Cheney (Cronus City 279,546) , Olina (Gobi Desert 218,330)
Add the 6th hatcher


1.Visit Cheney (Cronus City 279,546) and pay him 1 million in gold for the 6th hatcher letter. Then you are asked to visit Olina (Gobi Desert 218,330).

  2. Visit Olina and learn that an advanced item LifeSphere is required for activating the 6th hatchery. The LifeSphere is extracted from the "source of life"- Life Copperas. Only Howard knows how this is done.
  3. Howard (Gobi Desert 169,367) tells you that it's not hard to extract the Life Copperas. However, it requires the following three items: Earth Element, Water Element and Ice Element.
  4. In Cronus (621, 710), you will find three fen fires on a farm who possess the Life Seed. But, since elves don't like to be bothered, the fruit only can be claimed every 5 minutes.

5. 3 Eudemon Tears and 1 Life Seed are required to make the Earth Element; 3 Star Potions and 1 Life Seed are required to make the Water Element; and the Ice Element can be extracted from 3 Memory Eyes and 1 Life Seed.

6. After collecting all the needed items, you can return to Howard to extract the Life Copperas. Then, go back to Olina, exchange it for a LifeSphere. Right click the LifeSphere to activate the 6th?hatcher. But, be careful, because if you don't visit Olina and simply right click the Life Copperas you'll just get 60 minutes of experience.

Have fun!