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While you are challenging the world, you may meet your beloved. You've fallen in deep love with him/her that you want to marry him/her. When this moment comes, don't hesitate to take your sweetheart to Caitlin at Cronus (259,539). She will bless you and announce your marriage.

Benefits of marriage
1. When the husband and wife trade their eudemons with each other, their eudemons' loyalty will remain the same
2. If the husband and wife are in the same team, they can equally split the damage taken by either party. The eligible husband wife should be in the same screen.

Caitlin at Cronus (295,539)

Requirements for getting married
Single Ladies and gentlemen. The married ladies or gentlemen can't get married again. Both the bride and bridegroom should present before the priest.

Requirements for getting divorced
Pay 100,000 gold and 10 iron ores as divorce fee.