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Ares Shrine Apollo Shrine Poseidon Shrine Athena Shrine Hermes Shrine

Time Limit
60 mins, once a day.
The challenger will get apotheosized and the allies will receive lots of EXP.
a 40 - star Eudemon (not divine eudemons); the Pre Apotheosis Quest completed.
Gaea City
Key NPCs
Farben (1042,1234)
Ares Oracle (968,1155)
Apollo Oracle (794,1096)
Poseidon Oracle (707,844)
Athena Oracle (523,712)
Hermes Oracle (433,400)
Aclarvn (424,137)

Brief Walkthrough:
1. Click the button "Apotheosis" on the left of the screen to start your challenge. For allies, there will be an invitation on the screen, click yes to enter. The time is limited to 60 minutes; you can check it on the right. If the time expires or you are killed you will have to restart the quest.
2. Find Farben to learn about the rules and the challenges.
3. Talk to the Ares Oracle to learn about the rules. Kill 150 Hirus fighters and Ares Servant.
4. Talk to the Apollo Oracle to get the rules. Kill 100 Hel Priests in 3 minutes, 3 Hel Guardians in 3 minutes and the Apollo Servant.
5. Talk to the Poseidon Oracle to learn about the rules. Get through the traps filled corridors in 2 minutes. Enter the center Shrine to eliminate the Servant.
6. Talk to the Athena Oracle to learn about the rules. Kill the Followers, the Adherents and the Servant.
7. Talk to the Hermes Oracle to learn about the rules. Finish the 4 quests at first. Then enter the center of this Shrine, eliminate the four Servants as soon as they appear and the Hermes Servant. Endure the thunder attack 9 times to enter the Apotheosis Land.
8. Find Aclarvn in the Apotheosis Land for your apotheosis.

Detailed Walkthrough:
Sometimes questions are more powerful than answers.
How are these happening? What are they?
Why them, not others?
Why now?
What does it all mean?

It is said that none can escape their destiny, especially those who live by the sword.
Storm, earth and fire, heed my call!
Time for the trial.
After apotheosis, all these would be solved in one fell swoop!

Click on the button "Apotheosis" to start the Apotheosis quest after you finish the Divine Sigil quest. The allies can accept the invitation to enter the Gaea city to assist the challenger. You only have 60 minutes to complete this quest, and you can check the time on the right side of the screen. If time expires or you get killed you'll have to restart this quest.

After teleporting to this magnificent city, you will find Gaea City quite different from Cronus: extending into the sky, the Apotheosis Land is surrounded by the cloud; following the steps, there are 5 shrines from the bottom up; along the steps, there are lots of Guards.

Compared with these brilliant miracles, you must feel lost and have no idea what to do and where to go.

But you are the one who wants to reign high with the gods, right? This shouldn't be a problem for you to fight forward towards Apotheosis Land, just have a little faith! Find Farben and get acquainted with the rules and the challenges. You should know, that in order to test your endurance, the gods will summon down their power in the form of a thunder attack ( your allies can help you take some of the damage ) to the challenger. The more allies, the less injuries.

In the Ares Shrine, the Ares Oracle will tell you the rules about the challenge.

First, kill 150 Hirus Fighters, wait for 10 seconds to prepare for the fight against the Ares Servant.

The servant is just like his master, Ares, his strong powerful makes any enemy tremble before him.

But that should not be your problem. Let alone how fierce the fight is, victory belongs to heroes who dare face their destiny.