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Hermes Shrine
The Hermes Shrine is the last. You need to talk to the Oracle as before.

But which is not as before, this trial is both long and difficult. First, you should follow the rules to complete four missions in four different ways. Wait for 10 seconds and enter the center of this Shrine.

Guess who is there. Wait for a few seconds and face the Servant? NO, not the Servant, but the Servants. You will meet your old friends, the Ares Servant, Apollo Servant, Poseidon Servant, Athena Servant, they will give you a warm welcome.

After you've taken care of them, the Hermes Servant will approach at last. We have no idea what his ability is. Dead or alive depends on your magic and might.

But that is not the whole. Gaea will give you the final trial, night times thunder attack! It is a test of teamwork. The more partakers, the less injuries.

Pain past is pleasure; head for the Apotheosis Land for your final lesson. Aclarvn will tell you what to do!

We are all,
at our cause,
then some about brilliance.
To embrace our destiny,
we must inevitably face all the trials and stand them.
Whether they come from the familiar or unknown.

Say goodbye to your humble past, we deserve a good - like future.

After successfully passing the test, the top 3 eudemons (should be 40-stars) which accompany you go through the test, will apotheosize with you, into the divine eudemons.

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