Divine Skills: Avatar & Divine Thunder

The land is beneath your feet
With the vision granted by the Gods
You are an invisible warrior with thunder in hand
To give the enemies fatal strikes
The power from nature is the best weapon
You will be wherever you want in a blink of an eye
The world without barriers has no limits for you

Divine Skills - Wind Walk

Fly with the wind
Be free like a bird
Be fierce like an eagle
You are the soldier in the sky
Defending the holiness of the gods in the heaven high above

      Passion Godship - The envoy of love

With the divine power of the Passion Godship, you will become the envoy of love: inviting others to get married , delivering love blessings, sending beautiful flowers and using a special repair... All in all, you will spread romantic thought across the continent of Yartland.

      Valor Godship - Most powerful in the mortal world

You are able to use voodoo, turning someone annoying into a donkey or a doggy. Sounds crazy, right? But it is true. You can even increase max HP when dueling and obtain an amount of the gold picked up by all the players in a certain region.

      Loyalty Godship - Treasure for raising Eudemons

With the Loyalty Godship, the Eudemons can grow quickly and jump to its original level instantly. Besides, you can add more room in the inventory and the target will receive an experience bonus in a period of time.

      Wisdom Godship - The avatar of wisdom and beauty

It represents Athena, Hermes and Aphrodite. Knowledge is power! The wisdom Godship will grant you the power to award other adventurers with extra experience, or even invincibility in battle. Haven't you made up your mind?