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Time 0:00 - 23:59 (Daily Quest)
Location Cronus, Dark Marsh, Netherhalls
Alden, Cronus (312,543)
Seth, Cronus ( 298,366 )
Requirements Above level 100
Rewards Main quest: RebornSphere+1 and experience. (The main quest can be done once per character.)
Branched Quest: a day's blessing and experience
(The quest 'Bone Pieces' can be repeated as many times as desired)
Key Items NetherCrystal, NetherCord, NetherCityGuide, QuestLog, MagicBottle, SoulCrystal, BonePiece, Amanyta'sHead, Bankotsu'sHead, Shamael'sTooth, Queen'sWings, Duke'sWand, Minos'Heart


The Netherhalls are a series of foul dungeons deep beneath the earth of the Dark Marshes. After their untimely defeat in the Abyssal Palace, the forces of evil are massing together in the Netherhalls, planning revenge. We shall attack before their move!

Alden in Cronus(312,543) is calling upon the services of heroes and adventurers to explore the Netherhalls and clear the evil forces there. After you visit him, he'll give you a letter and send you to Seth, who will instruct you on how to get in.

Seth gave you a Guide for NetherHalls, from which you could always find an answer when you get lost.

He also disclosed the secret on how to enter: All spawns of evil use NetherCords to access the Netherhalls. Seth offers NetherCrysta(the raw material for NetherCords) at the price of 2 hundred thousand gold and send you back to Alden, who could shape this crystal into a NetherCord.

Alden makes the Nether crystal into a NetherCord and gives you a quest log which records your quests and details about them. You could refer back to your quest log whenever you get stuck or don't know what to do.

Alden also asks you to help to purge the lingering evil from the Netherhalls:

The entrance to the Netherhalls is hidden in the far southeast of the Dark Marshes. But the quest log and Nether Guide can both teleport you there.

The Netherhalls guides patrol around every two hours, so a little bit of patience is needed.

The NetherSword is almost unbeatable, but after you use the NetherCord, the stupid monster thinks you are a part of the Nethershalls,so it's time to destroy it!

As the NetherSword is sent back to hell, the portal to the Netherhalls is opened! But ghosts at the entrance warn against entry. Don't be afraid, try to talk to them, they have a favor to ask you.

PS: Only team leaders can enter the portal. Join or create a team to enter the Netherhalls.

Amanyta & Bankotsu

Touch each of the four immobile phylacteries in the Netherhalls yard (201,317).
Amanyta, Bankotsu's bodyguard, will reveal herself. It may be possible to convince her to see Bankotsu, via swordplay or diplomacy.

Amayta's dying scream summons Bankotsu!

When Bankotsu lies dead, you can claim Ananyta's head from the little angel.

Shamael and his servants

Shamael detests his mindless servants, and typically doesn't receive an audience unless they are absent. While allies can simply order the creatures to leave, the only forseeable way an outsider could gain his attention would be to slay 10 servants he has.

IceQueen & Duke Acheron

The Ice Queen and Duke Acheron are awaiting fresh meat, like guard dogs to the Arch Spawn Minos. While they live, it is impossible to create a portal to Minos.


To summon Minos, the demonic statues must all be touched in anti-clockwise order, starting from the one in the south west corner. Great misfortune awaits the adventurer who touches the statues in the wrong order.

When Minos is sent back to hell, the Netherhalls are clear. Please bring your trophy and visit Alden in Cronus (312,543) for your reward.