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Abyssal Palace

Time: Every Sunday
15:00--15:30 Enter the Abyssal Palace
15:30 Quest Begin
Rewards: 10 lucky boxes
Requirements: Level 90
Location: Abyssal Palace
Key NPC  Busuk Cronus(312,538)
Brief notes: 1. Find Busuk and enter the Abyssal Palace.
2. Exterminate 4 devil generals in the 4 side halls.
3. Find Maral and enter the main hall.
4. Kill Malavoglio and his servants.
5. Destroy Ilcativ's vision.
6. Kill the real Ilcativ.
7. Click one of the 10 lucky boxes and get your reward.
8. Talk to Maral and return to Cronus.

Sound the horns!

The devils are going to war! Prince Ilcativ, a prince of the devils, has been captured by a rival evil faction, and thrown into the deepest dungeons of the Abyssal Palace.

While the faction supporters prepare to sacrifice him in an unholy ritual, the prince's loyal forces are mustering together for a large all-out assault.

Brave heroes and daring adventurers will be needed in the prince's gravest hour. His fate now rests in your hands.

Busuk, the devil ambassador, will appear at Cronus(312,538) and ask for your help.

Busuk needs 10 teams of heroes to enter the Abyssal Palace, kill the Devil Shaman and stop the ceremony,which could summon this blood-thirsty devil. You can enter the Abyssal Palace at 15:30.

The devil general Wrede will be your guide in the Abyssal Palace. (He can also send you back to Cronus.) As he says,Maral is waiting at the Gate of the main hall where the ceremony will be held. She doesn't trust humans, so you'll have to prove your worthiness by killing Atrector, Morzak,Enna and Jahat, the 4 devil generals in the side halls.

There are strange traps in the Abyssal Palace. However,stepping into the traps will increase your attack, dodge or experience. Pretty interesting, isn't it?

Four devil guards (Atrector, Morzak,Enna and Jahat) are wondering in the four side halls, ready to slaughter any humans who dares to interrupt the ceremony. But they are so arrogant to fight you unless you can kill 10 of their servants to prove your strength.

After the four devil guards are vanquished, go to Maral. The suspicious woman is still wondering if you are an ally of the kingdom, or an enemy in disguise. But if you can answer her questions correctly, she will happily open the gate of the main hall for you. Malavoglio,the evil Shaman who will hold the ceremony,is so frustrated at your appearance. He evokes black magic and summons the four devil generals from hell. Look out! Another tight fight!

As Malavoglio and his servants are sent to hell,Ilcativ,the kidnapped prince, appear. But he does not seem to remember who he is. Maybe you are too late to stop the ceremony, the dark lord has been summoned from the darkest Abyss and took Ilcativ's body! The dark lord has incredible power; he can create 3 visions of himself! Destroy the 3 visions then you can find the real one.

After the dark lord is killed, the real Ilcativ dies too. At this moment, Maral appears from no where. She is so sad at her prince's death and will send his body back home. Before she sets off, she shows her people's gratitute with gifts(choose one from 10 lucky boxes). You can also get back to Cronus with her help.