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Eudemon Apotheosis

Holy Summon
Description: Casted from Gaea, for the use of the Eudemon Apotheosis..
The player has been apotheosized and the eudemons must be level 110 and 40-star.
The Star Seal Realm (Cronus 851,453)
Intact Seal Page
Evil Eudemons are sealed in this page. Once opened, they will flush into this world.
Pure Source
Surrounded by the evil spirits dropped by the Abyss Summoner
Key NPCs
Carfloom Oracle (Cronus 279, 528)
He will tell you about the quest and award you the prize.
Vilot Oracle (Cronus 846,448)
He will tell you about the quest and award you the prize.
Beck (Cronus 286,364)
Exchange for the mission item.

Brief Walkthrough
1. Carfloom (Cronus 279,528) will tell you about the Eudemon Apotheosis and the two parts of the Page.
2. Vilot (Cronus 846,448), who is in charge of the first part of the Page, needs your help with the Star Seal Realm.
3. Take the Spirit Eye to gather enough evil spirits for him in exchange for part one.
4. Pay a visit to Beck for the second part. You will find out that you should bring 2,000,000 gold along with the first part.
5. Join the two parts into a whole Page.
6. Unseal the Page in the Star Seal Realm. Defeat the Abyss Summoner to get the Pure Source.
7. Take the Pure Source to Carfloom to get Holy Summon.
8. Get the Holy Summon to enter Eudemon Apotheosis. Complete your Eudemon Apotheosis in your Eudemon UI.

Detailed Walkthrough
In the beginning, there was discovery, a confusion of elements, the first snowfall of impossible change, old lives undone, left behind, new nightmares to challenge sleep, new friends to feel safe with. Only then comes control. The need to impose order onto chaos, through determination, through study, through struggle... all in defiance of a thundering truth. So comes the Eudemon, the apotheosis, and the Eudemon Apotheosis.

Gods have sent their oracles to assist you with the Eudemon Apotheosis. Find Carfloom (Cronus 279,528) to learn about the two parts of the Sealed Page, from which you can get the Pure Source.

Head for Vilot (Cronus 846,338) to get the first part. But after arriving, you will find that he has trouble: the Star Seal Realm has become unsteady due to the lack of evil spirits. Then you know it is time to do something for this oracle. Take the Soul Eye and kill the monsters nearby. The Soul Eye will absorb the evil spirits automatically.

After collecting enough evil spirits, hand in the Soul Eyes to Vilot, you'll receive the first part of the Seal Page as a reward.

Ever heard about the packmen Beck? Beck (Cronus 286,364) has kept the second part for years, he is certain that there is something mysterious about this old page. If you take 2,000,000 gold along with the first part, he will sell you the second part.

Finally, you've made a deal.

Now, you can gather the two parts and make a complete Seal Page.

But, you cannot unseal it at once, as powerful monsters are sealed within. Go back to Vilot (Cronus 846, 448), the Star Seal Realm can restrain the power of the monsters. It will make it easier for you to deal with the oncoming monsters.

Everything is ready, then comes the final battle.

But you'll find that it is not as difficult as you've thought. The Abyss Summoner and its followers are too weak to be your opponent. Thanks to the Star Seal Realm, pick up the Pure Source and talk to Vilot. Vilot will send you to find Carfloom.

Carfloom will turn this crystal into the Holy Summon, and teleport you to the map for Eudemon Apotheosis. Open your Eudemon Interface, summon the eudemon who apply Apotheosis (The Eudemons should be at least 40-star and level 110.) and click on the button "god". Congratulations! You have got another divine eudemon now.