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Daily Quest - Dark Castle


21:30~23:30, Monday

Level 90+
Key NPCs
Bennet (Cronus 312,528) , Browning(Elven City 155,177)
5 hours' training experience and RebornSphere+1

The Dark Castle has long been a mystery to those living in nearby lands. Years ago, a hero Slat purged the dreary den of monsters, only to be corrupted by its evil.

There's a reason why Slat has fallen from grace. A dark sorcerer, Jefige, sealed Slat's soul into seven phylacteries. Slat has lost his soul and is being used like a puppet. Get his soul fragments back and return them and our hero will come back.


1. Visit Bennet (Cronus 312,528) between 9:30~11:30, Monday, and he will send level 90+ players to Sumart (MistyMarsh 433,638) at the entrance of DarkCastle. Browning(Elven City 155,177) will also send you to the Dark Castle.

2. You can choose 1 of the 10 maps to enter the Dark Castle during the event time. Only 5 players are allowed to enter a map at a time.

3. There are 8 rooms in the Dark Castle; Slat's soul is sealed into seven phylacteries in seven different rooms, guarded by 7 devils. Kill the 7 devils, get the seven phylacteries, bring them to the final room, find Slat's body and wake him.

4. The Bewitched Slat is very displeased at your appearance; he summons the 7 devil generals from hell to fight you again.

5. After you defeat the 7 devil generals and Bewitched Slat, Slat turns into a scorpion!

6. The Scorpion Slat is defeated again. Now it's time to return the 7 soul phylacteries to him.

7. The soul returns to Slat's body and he opens his eyes. He gives you 5 hours' training experience and RebornSphere+1 in gratitude.