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Story of Duskwolf Cliff Boss

BOSS - Pack Leader Takoma

Tacoma, the most sagacious wolf king ever to hold the throne, has been reigning over Duskwolf Cliff for hundreds of years before falling under the sway of the Dark Mage-Lord of the demons. The Dark Mage-Lord's curse made him a totally cunning wild animal while giving him an undead body as well as various magical abilities. The legendary Lunar Rune is also in the grasp of the bewitched wolf King.

1. Black Widow

Black Widow was originally just a giant spider living in the bushes of Meniscus Lake. One day, the Duskwolves gathered there, about to receive the Dark Blessing. It was such a stunning light that the spider was attracted and went directly into it. Forever after, it was controlled by the evil curse and transformed into an ruthless demon.. Now, she is the queen of the spiders in Meniscus Lake and lackey of the demon lord

2. Wolf Shaman

Wolf Shaman was a respected clan elder before enlisting with the demons in exchange for immortality. He is rumored to be the eldest of the Duskwolves and has mastered the forces of nature. After being "blessed" by the Demon Sage, Wolf Shaman devotes all he knows to the pursuit of destructive supernatural power.

3. Tarantula

Along with the Black Widow, Tarantula is a spider-demon hybrid created by Pack Leader Takoma's dark rituals. Its huge poisonous fangs contain fatal poison. Apart from that, its huge body is a lethal weapon. The Tarantula is the guardian of the path to the Meniscus Lake.

4. Spawner Dima

Soul Drainer Mandhol is the notorious Dark Mage-Lord who plotted the fall of the sagacious Pack Leader Takoma and the orchestrator of the tragedy that is Duskwolf Cliff. His curse made Takoma a cunning wild animal while giving him an undead body. He also stirred up conflicts between werewolves and human beings and snatched away the powerful Lunar Rune in the ensueing chaos.