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Necromancer Sacrifice System

Sky Soul Earth Soul Luck Morale Vigor
Valor Spirit Phase Bone Pact

Necro Spirits are permanently converged with the Necromancers, and their attributes can only be improved through the Sacrifice.

Currently, there are 8 ways to sacrifice. You can select the best one according to your Necro Spirit`s quality.
Click on the icon Necromancer Sacrifice System to access the Sacrifice interface.

Sky Soul

The Sky Soul Sacrifice has no restriction on the type of the Minor Eudemon that can be used. For Sacrifice, the Necro Realm provides a flow of necro creatures with up to 30-Star as the Minor Eudemons, which turns out to be an excellent support.

If the Sky Soul Sacrifice succeeds, the Eudemon`s attributes, except the initial attributes, will improve and the reborn time will increase by 1. Besides, it benefits the Necro Spirits whose attributes are all major much more than other kinds of Eudemons.

Necromancer Sacrifice System

Necromancer Sacrifice System

Earth Soul

No Minor Eudemons are needed. After a successful Earth Soul Sacrifice, one of the initial attributes will get improved. Generally, it takes 1 hour to finish the sacrifice. The higher level of the Earth Soul, the longer time it takes to complete the sacrifice. You can keep your Necromancer online for each 30 minutes will speed up the sacrifice 5 times as fast as normal.

Necromancer Sacrifice System
Necromancer Sacrifice System


The Luck of the Necro Spirit and Reborn time will increase through a Luck Sacrifice.

To carry out the Luck Sacrifice, your character should have reached Level 70. Furthermore, the Minor Eudemon's Luck should be higher than that of the Necro Spirit. If Luck is above 70, you can use a Violet Stone / Super Violet Stone to sacrifice.

Necromancer Sacrifice System


When the Necro Spirit`s Reborn time reaches 5, you can carry out the Morale Sacrifice to improve the Morale. It costs a Universal O/XO, each time. However, it is not 100% chance of success. If it fails, the Morale value will decrease, without degrading its level.


When the Necro Spirit reaches 30-Star, you can carry out the Vigor Sacrifice to improve the Vigor. A Universal O/XO is needed, each time. Same as the Morale Sacrifice, it`s success rate is not 100%. If it fails, the Vigor value will decrease, without degrading its level.


When the Necro Spirit`s Divine Level reaches 1, you can carry out the Valor Sacrifice to improve the Valor. A Saint 0/XO is needed, each time.


When the Necro Spirit`s Divine Level reaches 1, you can also carry out the Spirit Sacrifice to improve the Spirit and Wisdom. The Minor Eudemon should be a Saint O/XO, whose Spirit and Wisdom attributes are higher than those of the Necro Spirit.


Through the Phase Sacrifice, the Necro Spirit`s Phase Attribute will get improved.
1. Necro Spirit`s Divine Level should reach at least 15;
2. Character should reach at least Level 70;
3. Use an Eidolon as the Minor Eudemon to sacrifice;
4. It costs 6,000 Spirit Points.

Bone Pact

When the Necro Spirit reaches 10-Star, Necromancers will have the ‘Bone Pact’ learned automatically. This skill can be used to summon a Necro Dragon, a mount exclusive for Necromancers, which requires no extra star level for training.