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Celebrity Hall Quest

Rewards Lots of Experience
Requirements None
Limitation Once a day
Location Celebrity Hall
Key Items Magic Stone, Holy Water, the Lost Pages
Key NPC SanRoslin Epics

Brief Walkthrough
SanRoslin Epics:
Read the Epic Chapters 1 -12 and you will get experience as a reward.
Knight's Exam:
Visit the Sanctum, which the Epic Preface asks you to go to, and defeat the soul of the Starry Knight.
Bright Puzzles:
Answer 3 questions from the Epic Preface correctly to finish this quest.
The Lost Pages:
Take the Magic Stone to the 3 rooms of Celebrity Hall, read the SanRoslin Epics, and get the lost pages.
Divine Ablution:
Follow the instruction of the Epic Preface, find the required statue and use the Holy Water to finish the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough
SanRoslin Epics
There are 13 rooms in the Celebrity Hall, with each room containing 1 SanRoslin Epic. SanRoslin Badge can teleport you to the rooms in Celebrity Hall. Reading the SanRoslin Epics (Chapter 1 – 12), you will learn something about the Celebrity Hall and obtain some Experience.

Open the SanRoslin Epic - Preface, and you can accept the following quests: the Knight's Exam, Bright Puzzles, The Lost Pages, and the Divine Ablution.

Knight's Exam

To become a member of Celebrity Hall, courage is one of the measuring standards. Visit the room spoken of in the Epic Preface, and you will find the ghost of Starry Knight waiting for you.

Although he's not as strong as he was in life, he still has the power of the mighty Knights, so you should be careful! After defeating him, you can go back to the Preface to claim the reward.

Bright Puzzle

Wisdom is another requirement for a hero. Take the quest Bright Puzzle, answer 3 questions given by the Epic Preface correctly, and then you will receive your reward.

Tip: Reading the 12 chapters may help you find the right answer.

The Lost Pages

Now that you have passed the tests of courage and wisdom, the Preface will give you a Magic Stone and ask you to find the lost pages in 3 rooms.
Where are the lost pages? Could they be in the SanRoslin Epics? Why not open them and have a look? After collecting the 3 Lost Pages, you can go back to claim the reward from the Preface.

Divine Ablution

To become a respected hero, the first thing you must learn, is how to show respect to others. Follow the instructions in the Preface and stand before the statue it mentions. Right click the Holy Water to perform the divine ablution, and then you can return to the Preface to collect the reward.