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Demon Rising - Duskwolf Cliff

Quest Time Anytime
Rewards Lunar Rune (rapidly restore you and your teammates' HP in Caria Fortress), Exp, Gold, Talismans, Blessings etc.
Difficulty 5-Star
Requirement Level 50+
Limitation None
Entrance Cronus (290,200)
Key Item History Pack, Duskwolf Cliff Log

Brief Walkthrough
1. Team with your friends and enter the map Duskwolf Cliff. If you are strong enough, you can also get through it by yourself.
2. Kill 3 Tarantulas and gain the access to Black Widow.
3. After killing 2 Spider Servants, you'll find that Black Widow appears in her true form. Go kill her.
4. Step into the portal and arrive in a clearing. Sacrifice your HP to the statues and activate the portal to the top of the Roaringwolf Hill.
5. Stop the ceremony of Pure Wolves and summon the Wolf Shaman. Kill him.
6. Kill the Duskwolves around the Dragon Altar. Then summon Takoma and kill him for the Lunar Stone.

The Location of Bosses

Detailed Walkthrough
There is a well-known hill - Roaringwolf Hill, near the mine of Cronus. It's has always been ruled by the wolves but something strange has been taking place there. Before setting off for the Duskwolf Cliff, you can visit Dresden to take some commissions.


Once you enter Duskwolf Cliff, you will find a villager named Marc. Talk with him for more information. You can also accept his request to bring his gloves back. Pay attention to the traps, the explosive spiderlings and the keys dropped by the Scorpio Guards.

Now you face the first batch of guards in Meniscus Lake - Tarantulas. You can't continue your adventure until they are killed.

Black Widow is well protected by her Spider Servants. You need to kill her 2 servants first then she will appear in her true form and fight you.

After killing Black Widow, you step into a nearby portal and arrived in a clearing. There are 2 bloody statues there. Sacrifice your HP to the statues and activate the portal to the top of Roaringwolf Hill.

You arrived at the top of Roaringwolf Hill. The Takoma clan is waiting for you. Avoid the lightening attacks and the traps. An odd adventurer named Larry is saying something about the Pure Duskwolves. Maybe it is an important clue.

On your way to find the Takoma, you see 12 Pure Duskwolves holding a ceremony. Kill them and embed their statues' claws in the Altar. The giant Wolf Shaman will appear.

You have killed the Wolf Shaman and moved on. A villager named Nate seems to know some secrets about Takoma and Soul Drainer Mandhol. Don't forget to return to him after you kill all 9 Howling Duskwolves.

Finally you reach your destination - the Dragon Altar. Kill the Duskwolves around the altar and then summon Takoma.

If you have found the answer to the words left by the dead Howling Duskwolves, you can also summon Soul Drainer Mandhol.

Takoma has 3 forms. Be careful. Finally Pack Leader Takoma has been killed and 5 Lunar Stones appeared around his corpse. Pick the Lunar Stones up and right click them to turn them into the Lunar Rune, which can rapidly restore you and your teammates' HP in Caria Fortress and will expire in 30 days.