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Information - Eudemon Crystal

My eudemon is strong, but I want it to be more powerful! There's a completely new way to uplevel your eudemon besides getting experience from battles.

Does your warehouse stored with refined, unique, elite equipment? Do you wish them to take more effect? After numberless experiments, the professors of Cronus Institute finally worked out a way to turn those equipment into Eudemon Crystal-- the favorite food of eudemons. Once your eudemon eats this special crystal, it will be upleveled very quickly.

You can find Exp. Guide Vivian at the market (323,444) to exchange the Eudemon Crystal with equipment. (Link: the map of the market)

Give your equipment to her, and she will first notice you how much power there would be in the Eudemon Crystal. After you confirm it, she will charge you 10,000 gold and put the Eudemon Crystal in your inventory.

Equipment of different quality and with different bonus can be turned to Eudemon Crystals with different power.

You can feed your eudemon with Eudemon Crystal whenever you want (Right click the Eudemon Crystal and then left click the eudemon you wish to feed). The eudemons will say different words after they eat the crystal. Which kind have you seen?

After eating the Eudemon Crystal, the eudemon will be upleveled very fast. For the safety of the host , there are some limits for feeding the eudemons.


A eudemon can eat 5 Eudemon Crystals Or Experience Ball per day at the most.

Before feeding, the eudemon can't be 3 levels higher than its host.

The host of the eudemon:

He or she should be above level 20.

Equipment that can be turned into Eudemon Crystal:

The quality of the equipment must be above refined (if a normal equipment has sockets or magic soul, it can also be turned into a Eudemon Crystal, too.). The better the quality is, the higher power Eudemon Crystal you'll get.

each bonus
one socket
two sockets

For example, if you have a Refined +2 Blade with two sockets, you will get a crystal with 2410 points (10+200x2+2000=2410).