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Demon Rising II - Demon Hell

Duration Anytime
Rewards Soul Shard (P-1), Gems, Reborn Crystal, Luck Potions, Blessings, etc.
Difficulty 6-Star
Requirement Level 50+
Location Demon Hell
Key NPC Injured Azrael Dagan (Cronus 217,275)

Brief Walkthrough
1. Enter Demon Hell and find Betrayer Darum for the details.
2. Unseal the 8 chambers in a sequence.
3. Set Darum free and defeat him for the Soul Shard (P-1).

Detailed Walkthrough
The war against the Demons will never end. Though Alamut has been suppressed temporarily by the full might of the warriors of Cronus, other demons have started to rise from the depths.
Demon Hell, once called Demon Prison because it held the demons in check and kept the peace in Cronus, has now become their den and filled with their evil and disgusting stench. Dagan (Cronus 217,275) is attending the entrance of Hell.

Follow Belmont's instruction and find Darum, who was betrayed by other demons and sealed in the center of the hell. Darum promises that he would give everything he has to the one who sets him free. But who can believe the word of a demon...

To set Darum free, you need to unseal 8 chambers in a sequence.

After entering the chamber, activate the pole beside you to start the battle. Note: Please make sure your teammates are gathered together before the battle starts, or they will not allowed to enter the chamber.

1. Greed Chamber

Target: Kill Devil Sarada
Tip: Monsters here are adept at the skill "Pull".

2. Lust Chamber

Target: Kill Cheater Noe
Tip: It's best to keep Noe and 2 of his followers together, or he will use powerful skills.

3. Evil Chamber

Target: Kill Tyrant Carl
Tip: Kill 50 Raging Flames to challenge Tyrant Carl. Tyrant Carl will split after death. Kill all divided images.

4. Violence Chamber

Target: Kill Lazy Genie
Tip: Avoid the attacks of the Dull Wraith with Thorny Hide. Make good use of the double-attack trap which will appear randomly when the Dull Wraith is dead.

5. Folly Chamber

Target: Eliminate all the images of Splitter Perrus
Tip: This chamber is full of trees. When you walk by them, the trees will transform into Splitter Perrus. Kill them as soon as possible.

6. Cunning Chamber

Target: Kill Crafty Dale
Tip: To deal with the traps and Conservative Wraiths in this chamber, we recommend claiming the double attack and double defense effect first in the four corners.

7. Hellfire Chamber

Target: Kill 30 Sin Wraiths in hellfire.
Tip: Pull the Sin Wraith into the fire area and kill them there, but your HP will be reduced by the fire too. With the effect of the Ice Element (Kill a Sin Wraith outside the hellfire zone to get it), the Hellfire's damage to you will be halved.

8. Jealousy Chamber

Target: Eliminate your images
Tip: In this chamber, you must fight against your own image. The image's class and skills are as same as yours. Warrior Images have high defense, magic attacks can't cause great damage to Mage Images, and Paladin Image will revive when killed by a Paladin player.

Now 8 chambers have been unsealed. The 8 poles around Darum have been lighted. It's time to claim the rewards from Darum. But Darum broke his promise and said the reward is death! Just as expected. Let's fight again.

Finally defeated Darum, and you found a delicate treasure box behind his body. All players that take part in the battle against Darum can get a reward from it. Just open it and get a Soul Shard (P-1), 5 of which can be merged into a Soul Stone (P-1). (Soul Stones are used for Divine Eudemons. Click here to learn more.)

Demon Hell looks as quiet and peaceful as before. However, we have no idea where the demons fled or what they plan in the future. More crises are sure to come.