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Mentor/Apprentice System

NPC: Shelley Checking mentor announcement Find a mentor
Share BP from your mentor Leave your mentor


NPC: Shelley

Add an apprentice

Mentor level

Share BP to your apprentice

Claim mentor benefits

Expel a mentor

For a newbie/apprentice

The mentor system in Eudemons Online is to help communication between high level players and new players. Both can gain Exp, God's blessing and many other benefits from the system.

A newbie can level up with the mentor, and after becoming stronger and reaching level 50, the player can also be a mentor and help other new players.

NPC: Shelley

Every newbie can visit Shelley in Cronus (283,420), check the list of mentors and select one to learn from. You can also use path finding under the mini-map to reach Shelley.

Talk with her; you will see a dialogue box as below.

Checking announcement

New players can read the quotes of various mentors and select one to their liking. However sometimes it is easier to say than to do, so please think about it before you want someone to be your mentor.

Find a mentor

You can find a mentor in two ways.

First, select a mentor from the mentor list, the mentor will receive your application immediately. After the permission he/she will be your mentor.

Second, open mentor/apprentice window and click on "+ Apprentice" then on the target. If the target is a mentor and can have apprentice, you can be his/her apprentice after the permission.

Tips: if you leave a mentor within 3 days, you cannot find a new mentor.

Requirements of being a mentor

Character level Apprentice level
50~89 30 levels lower than the mentor
90~99 20 levels lower than the mentor
100 and above 10 levels lower than the mentor

Teaming with a mentor

An apprentice will gain 10% more Exp while hunting monsters while teaming with his/her mentor.

BP share

An apprentice will share his/her mentor's BP if the mentor is also online.

The amount of the BP to be shared deals with the BP of yourself and the mentor level of your mentor.The higher your BP is, the less BP you can share from your mentor.


Mentor level BP share
Mentor level BP share
1 20% 6 40%
2 24% 7 45%
3 28% 8 50%
4 32% 9 55%
5 36% 10 60%

Check the shared BP

Click on the "BP share" icon beside your avatar.

Leave a mentor:

You can click on "- Apprentice" in the mentor/apprentice to leave your mentor. However Exp equals to 3 full Exp balls will be deducted. You cannot find a new mentor within 3 days after you leave your mentor.



For a mentor

Since you've become stronger, why not help the newbies and win their respect? You can even gain more benefits beside respect.

After your apprentices grow stronger, you can get Exp, free God's blessing and eudemon reborn chances.

The more apprentices you have, the more powerful and respectful you will be.

NPC: Shelley

You can visit Shelley at Cronus (283,420) and send an announcement to have more apprentices. If you are above level 50 and your mentor level is above 1, you can send an announcement here.

If you want to claim the benefits from your apprentices, you can click on the icon at the bottom.

Add an apprentice

After you get a mentor level, you can click on any newbies you want to add as your apprentice. After the target permits you can be his/her mentor. However if the targets already has a mentor, you cannot add him/her as your apprentice.

Mentor level Apprentice level
50~89 30 levels lower than the mentor
90~99 20 levels lower than the mentor
100 and above 10 levels lower than the mentor

Mentor level

All mentors begin at level 1, this level will be increased with the level up of the characters and more mentor Exp. The highest level is 10 now.

Mentor level Character level Apprentice number Mentor Exp for leveling up
1 50 5 393
2 60 5 590
3 70 10 787
4 80 10 984
5 90 15 3936
6 100 15 11810
7 110 15 19684
8 120 15 27557
9 125 15 39368
10 128 15 Highest level

Claim benefits from apprentices

Each mentor will get benefits from the apprentices if they grow up rapidly. Help your apprentices grow faster, and you will gain even more benefits.


Details of benefits
Exp Claim Exp balls from the apprentices
God's blessing Claim God's blessing from the apprentices
Eudemon reborn times Claim eudemon reborn times from the apprentices


Enter claim benefits window

You can click on "Mentor Exp" icon at the bottom or click on Claim Exp button in the mentor/apprentice window.

Claim the benefits

A mentor can click on "Claim" of each benefit to get them separately. However if the mentor did not claim the Exp balls in time, the Exp balls won't increase after reach 100.

1. Rules

You can click on Rules to learn the details of the Exp balls a mentor can claim according to the mentor level.


2. God's blessing

If the apprentice uses God's blessing, the mentor will share a certain rate of it.

3. Eudemon reborn times

If the eudemon of an apprentice reborn, it will add reborn points to the mentor. After the reborn times of a mentor accumulates to 100, the mentor can claim a reborn time on a eudemon. For each eudemon, you can claim 30 reborn times on it every day.

Relation Apprentice level Character level Reborn points of each reborn
Apprentice 1 1 - 39 4
2 40 - 69 6
3 70 - 79 8
4 80 - 89 9
5 90 - 135 10
Apprentice of apprentice 1 1 - 39 1
2 40 - 69 2
3 70 - 79 3
4 80 - 89 3
5 90 - 135 3

Expel an apprentice

If you want to expel an apprentice, just select the apprentice's name from the list, then click on "Expel", however 50 mentor Exp will be deduct if you expel an apprentice.