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Story of Frozen Burrow Boss

BOSS - Hive Queen Deborah

Hive Queen Deborah has occupied the Frozen Burrow where she makes it the hatchery for her offspring. The bugs in the Frozen Burrow live on human flesh and blood. The human skeletons and relics in the Frozen Burrow tell it all. She has no regard for human life, caring only for the well being of her demonic progeny.

1. Steel Morgan

Morgan is the toughest of the 4 generals who serve Hive Queen Deborah. His thick armor and huge pincers are a threat to anyone who dares to offend the majestic queen. His tooth is one of the keys to meeting the Hive Queen.

2. Toxic Russ

Russ is the most cunning amongst the 4 generals who serve Hive Queen Deborah. Evil and crafty, Toxic Russ is not a foe to take lightly as his toxic mist may spew forth at anytime. Its Toxic Crystal is one of the keys to meeting Hive Queen Deborah.

3. Scropion Oberon

Oberon is a cruel bug general serving Hive Queen Deborah who is famous for his destructive tendencies. Even the bugs of the Frozen Burrow fear this bad tempered scropion. His Fury Crystal is one of the keys to meeting the Hive Queen.

4. Spawner Dima

Dima is the only female general of the 4 generals entrusted with the keys to the Hive Queen's inner sanctum. While Spawner Dima plays an important role in the reproduction of bugs in the Frozen Burrow, don't underestimate her power in battle. The blood of Spawner is required to meet Hive Queen Deborah.

5. Parasite Lord

Parasite Lord was the former lord of the Frozen Burrow. Hundreds years ago, he was defeated by Hive Queen Deborah, but Deborah didn't expel. Instead, she persuaded him to protect the Magic Crystal Shard, holy relic of the all who dwell in the Frozen Burrow. The former lord swallowed his pride and became the faithful follower of the queen in return for his life. Any who dares to seek the Shard shall face his wrath.